Who doesn’t love traveling? Exploring beautiful places and seeing different cities is something everyone wishes for. But not everyone has the privilege of traveling places, and sometimes you want to know that place before visiting it. Travel books are written to help you either way.

Travel books are just like any other books you like to read to escape realities. They give you exposure to different perspectives and places. You can feel everything happening in the book while sitting in your home, enjoying different locations and places.

If you want to read something but don’t know what, we have listed down some of the best travel books that will take you around the world. Let’s start our beautiful journey!

Best Travel Books To Read

A reader always wants to read something, and this want turns into a need when the reader also loves to travel. The urge to read travel books becomes strong but the feeling of not knowing what book to pick often crushes the whole mood. But, hey, don’t worry because we are here to pull you out of this misery.

Following are some of the best travel books you can read if you want to know more about the world and the people living in it

We all love a travel book that gives us an insight into self-love and not caring about anything. If you love something like this, this book is yours to have. The book talks about the life of a man who leaves everything behind and embarks on the journey of Alaska and explores different points within it. Be ready to be with him through his ride!

Although the book itself is fiction, the places mentioned in it are very much real. Santiago, the protagonist, travels across Spain, Morocco, Egypt and through the Sahara Desert to reach his destination. This book is beautifully written, and many people have categorized it as one of the best travel books ever written.

This book is everything if you love exploring cultures and different countries. It’s an author’s memoir, and she tells of her trip around Italy, Indonesia and India. The author explains the places she went to in a delicate and sophisticated way. We say that every travel book lover should read this book in his life because it explains the beauty of countries mentioned in it so intimately.

This is a nonfiction travel literature book where the author tells his journey from Cairo to Cape Town and how he traveled in trains, buses and cars. This book unveils the true beauty and reality of Africa and takes you through every path and road with it. 

If you are looking for a travel book that will give you some insight about mountains and how it feels to travel through them, check this book out. In this book, the English Writer has tried to tell about his journey through the mountains of Afghanistan to Mir Samir. The writing in this book takes us to the high mountains of Afghanistan and makes us long for more.

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