A Conduit For Words

“Alacran The Honey Badger is a compilation of four generations of Millers. It was taken from old letters, newspaper clippings, and wanted posters, and overheard at fireside chats. My estranged family asked only that I change the names. I settled on the name Walker, since a guy I was locked up for the best part of two years was named Walker, and all things considered, he was a decent sort of a person. And like everyone else in this facility; he was innocent and the victim. Talk about a miscarriage of justice. All these saints being charged, tried and convicted.” ─ Bobby W. Miller

“I have been told that it is now my duty to carry on connecting words in behalf of Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks and Charles Bukowski, my departed peers. The first time I met Thompson was at the Frontier Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where I was employed. He said without provocation, ‘Miller, you’re a damn misanthrope.’ I didn’t know what the word meant but I intended to have this Thompson guy explain it. A 3rd party who knew the two of us explained to me that it was a compliment coming from Thompson. Like it or not, the title took root.” ─ Bobby W. Miller

Alcran The Honey Badger

Meet Dr. Henrietta Swartz. She would commit suicide before she’d allow her body to sweat.

Then there is Moses who believes he’s God’s gift to journalism. He had better be, because if he fails to live up to expectations, he’ll be cremated, and his ashes will float down the Shenandoah River.

Alacran—well he’s just your garden variety mercenary and saboteur. Who double- crossed both God and the devil. Biographical Fiction (Four Generations of Millers) Paperback $9.95 – Kindle $4.95

“An all-around family book is a book that Mom and Dad finish reading after their child goes to sleep. It is a book that is left lying around because it has the power to bring a smile, and inspires, and informs. Being a retired military pilot I do not sugar coat life, neither do I intentionally use words that an adult should not hear in a family environment, let alone a 5 year old. As a parent, I respectfully ask that you review this book first. These are not short stories that I made up, they are dreams.” ─ Bob Miller Paperback $9.95 – Kindle $4.95

Conversions with God

I did NOT write this book! I simply collected these conversations from people from all walks of life who, for the most part, sought me out.

Hopefully, readers will understand that I could only publish the conversations that were, for whatever reason, sent my way. Had the source saw fit to send 10,000, then this book would contain 10,000 instead of the 100 plus.

Since there was NO censorship, you will hear these conversations exactly as I heard them. Should you feel qualified to judge these people and their conversations, you can have at it. Paperback $6.95 – Kindle $4.95

The Ineffable Kiss

If kissing interest you, read on. Woman’s Corp of New York is a corporation run by women for women. If a product was manufactured for females, at one point in its journey, this corporation’s armies of geniuses were involved.

Males and females have some similarities of course, like walking upright and an opposable thumb, however their creator, or evolution itself, surely has a sick sense of humor; implanted in the female brain exists a trigger mechanism most often referred to as Romance. In the last seven million years, the only thing males have unearthed about Romance is that it has something to do with flowers and chocolate.

When it comes to tripping a female’s trigger, Mr. Jeffery Lovejoy is a Trigger Tripper Master. He arrives with a small box of gourmet chocolates and one rose, however, his coup d’état is an extended ineffable kiss.

Miss. Samantha Rothschild, the CEO of Woman’s Corp, predicted the moment she laid eyes on this new hire, a 6’ 2” Michelangelo carving with wavy blond hair and sky blue eyes, would soon have her female MDs and PhDs getting their right and left confused and their sex drive revved-up like a top alcohol dragster. She later retracted the statement saying it had been a gross understatement.

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King Solomon

Not since the movie Home Alone have wannabe-bad guys-had to endure one humiliating defeat after another. And this time, from a raccoon, who only wanted their friendship.

Solomon would have made this farmer and his sons the best animal friend they could have ever wanted. Instead of appealing to his loving heart they chose to travel the low road, and in doing so, earned Solomon’s righteous anger at their needless cruelty and wistfulness.

Regardless of the reader’s age, King Solomon, if given a chance, will usher in joy and serenity

2nd Cover Serious

It’s Not Fun Being Serious

It’s Not Fun Being Serious
My editor/co-writer said one day, “Oh, I get it. The Fairy Godmother in Shrek turned the ogre and donkey into cowboys.”  

This book infuses action-packed themes with different hints of humor. In this novel, we explored the concept of the South West in a satirical and comedic manner while orchestrating the predicaments that prevailed during a particular time in this new country.

Dam Serious (Serious): One look at him tells a person his river runs deep. He’s patient, understanding and unassuming. Serious watches his partner, Walter Smiley’s antics knowing they are his tether to reality. Without this release, Walter Smiley might well have killed a thousand men. As it was, he leaves enough widows. While Dan Serious would have had a challenge picking a fight, Walter Smiley needed only to show up where two or more misfits were gathered.

Walter Smiley (Smiley): His gunmanship raised question about his origin. Was he from the UK, as he claimed, or was he some sort of an alien? He was as cold as a winter avalanche needing only one more snow flake to fall, yet, decent, law abiding people adored him. Bullies and sociopaths, well, there was no way they could have known that the Archangel Michael rode into town with Smiley. There were those who suspected Smiley was the Archangel Michael.

Author Bio

Bobby Warren Miller served first in the the Air Force and then in the Army. He was part of the Vietnam war in 1968 and 1969. Bobby Warren has been award the Distinguished Flying Cross. He also ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate against Senator Richard Shelby (Alabama) and stood third which according to him is his best finish ever.

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